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Parkhill, Ontario

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Rick Willemse


Located just west of Parkhill,

Yellow Gold Farms Ltd. is a Grower and Distributor of Quality SeCan  Products and Country Farm Brand Seeds

Your LOCAL Supplier  / Grower of Certified Seed for Soybeans and Wheat



Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield®

Your LOCAL Connection to the

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Cereals, Forages and Pulse Crops

Your LOCAL Connection to Country Farm Seeds

Corn and Soybean Technology

What’s New!

Yup, Its COLD!

By now most farmers have their upcoming crop organized.  But there is always a few “swing” acres.  If you still have a few acres unallocated, think SeCan and Country Farm Seeds!

Give us a call…

We have SeCan RR Soybeans, and

Country Farm Seeds Corn Hybrids.  

Call for details.

There are still discounts available for orders taken today!!

Call or Text Rick 519-617-0710

Check out New Volt RR for 2875CHU’s

Early Order Programs for Volume and Payment options.

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Mirada RR soybeans have not shown many visual signs of MOLD like some other varieties. Customers that have Mirada RR tell us they are happy.  We have not seen any mold in Mirada’s that we have harvested, and yields are impressive.

Mirada RR - 2800 CHU

- #1 in the 2013 OOPSC Trials,

Aspen RR

- A Solid Performer in 2900

 CHU area


We Are Also a Dealer for

Country Farm Seeds,

Soybeans and Corn!


An AWESOME Yielder!  Customers have backed that up with repeat orders!

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